Archive #3

Juliana Archives.

AcademyWhat the Academy of Sciences is really all about. 5/10/03.
Marina and JulianaMarina and Juliana in the gazebo. 5/10/03.
CakeJuliana blows out the candles at her first party, on her birthday.
Elyssa with VelmaElyssa came to the second party. 5/3/03.
Rowen, Maxine and JulianaRowen, Maxine and Juliana wait in line for balloons. Here you have a good view of Juliana and Rowen's matching face paint. 5/3/03.
Hugging CloverThey're pretty good friends. 4/27/03.
Water BalletClover and Juliana star in this classic production of the water ballet Seal and Shark. 4/27/03.
Rice KrispieJuliana models a Rice Krispie Treat. 3/30/03.
Tickle MiraDo Juliana and Mira love each other? Hard to say. 3/30/03.
LegomanJuliana tries to show off Legoman, but Dad chooses the shot that best shows off Juliana. 3/22/03.
Bike Rack #1Outside the museum. This is before Dad found out they were at the wrong entrance. 3/22/03.
Lace BalloonJuliana poses with a balloon, or the string of a balloon. 3/15/03.
RedwoodJuliana and Dad inside a redwood. Photo by Grandpa George. 3/1/03.
Tipi the PenguinTipi the Penguin in front of her cabin. 3/1/03.