Archive #5

Juliana Archives.

School PictureThe Official School Picture of Juliana. October 2002.
Madeline and VelmaMadeline and Velma, aka Maxine and Juliana. Photo by Maxine's Mom. 10/26/02.
Halloween 2002Shaggy, Velma and Daphne on Halloween. Photo by Mike (Fred.) 10/31/02.
VelmaVelma. 10/26/02.
New FriendBetween the ice cream store and the shoe store, Juliana made a new friend. 10/20/02.
Bike TrickJuliana Rae prepares for the X-Games. 10/5/02.
GymnastJuliana loves the challenge of the bars. 9/29/02.
Upside DownJuliana specifically asked that this photo go on her website. She wants you to know, she can hang upside-down. Dad didn't have the heart to deny her, despite the atrocious lighting and composition. 9/29/02.
Returns to the Dive ChamberJuliana returns to the dive chamber at the aquarium. 9/15/02.
Velma in clayJuliana shows off the Velma she has rendered in clay and toothpicks. Velma is on her skateboard, in case you are wondering. 9/15/02.
School Picture '02-03This year's official back-to-school family portrait. 9/10/02.
Look UpJuliana is the kind of child you can look up to. 9/10/02.
At KindergartenJuliana at kindergarten, day one. Photo by Charlene. 9/4/02.
Labor DayJuliana and her Dad. 9/2/02.
Hogan's FarewellJRae goes out for one last meal of spaghetti and meatballs with her longtime pancake-eating pal Mike Hogan. 9/1/02.
Scooby-DooJRae shows off her new haircut and her new Scooby-Doo that her Mom won for her at the state fair. 9/1/02.