Archive #6

Juliana Archives.

Water SlideMike, Juliana and Mom ride a big waterslide at the state fair. 8/31/02.
SardegnaJRae looks skeptical as Dad warns her that it is a long swim from Calabria to Sardegna. After all, it doesn't look far on this map. 8/25/02.

Oregon '02

BeachcomberJuliana takes a stroll on the beach. 8/5/02.
French PaleontologistsA production still from the set of L'adventure extraordinaire, starring Juliana Rae and Olivia Marie as the French paleontologists Frances-Susanne Bodgoir and Thelma-Louise Baggiuerre. This blockbuster, still in production, has already been subject to one rewrite and has not yet been scheduled for release. Cross your fingers and pray. 8/5/02.
RaptorsGrandma Sylvia is beset by raptors and almost spills her drink. Photo by Grandpa George. 8/4/02.
Jenny ReadsAunt Jenny reads to Juliana and Olivia. 8/9/02.

Cool ChickCool chick, accessorized with shades and a watch. 7/27/02.
J BondThe name is Bond. J Bond. 7/27/02.
Once Upon a Time in the WestJuliana and Elyssa, Once Upon a Time in the West. 7/14/02.
Glimmer TwinsJRae and Elyssa update the Glimmer Twins. 7/14/02.


MortarboardThe official graduation picture. Photo by Leslie? 7/?/02.
GraduateJuliana Rae poses in her graduation dress. Photo by SA. 7/13/02.
Proud ParentsThe graduate with her proud parents. Photo by Mike. 7/13/02.

Edgar's Birthday PartyMike, Edgar and Juliana at Edgar and Mary's birthday party. Edgar is trying to grab the Fancy Feast Tuna cake before Mike and Juliana can even sing Happy Birthday, never mind whether Mary gets any. Photo by SA. 7/12/02.