Archive #7

Juliana Archives.

TiggerJuliana proudly wears her Tigger costume. Costume and photo by SA. 6/13/02.
The Shoemaker and Her WifeJuliana and Elyssa star as the Shoemaker's Wife and the Shoemaker, respectively. Photo by SA. 6/11/02.
Lipstick JenniferJRae with the mysterious Lipstick Jennifer. 7/4/02.
AnnieJuliana and Annie. 7/4/02.
HamboneJuliana Rae poses with her cane. 7/2/02.
Fathers' DayJuliana and Dad on Fathers' Day. Lunch and photo provided by Mira, thanks Mira! 6/16/02.
Too CloseThis is too close. 6/16/02.
FattoushJuliana and Mira outside the House of Mansaf (not its real name.) 6/11/02.
CarouselJuliana and Elyssa, happy together. Photo provided by SA, shot by Gregg or Cathlin. 4/13/02.
Rowen and JulianaRowen and Juliana at the playground. 6/8/02.
Extremely CloseDo you like extreme close-ups? 6/8/02.
Jrae and HoganJuliana Rae and Michael Hogan, after pancakes and bacon. 6/8/02.
High BeamNice smile. 5/25/02.
Frisbee Girl and Fish MuralFrisbee Girl and Fish Mural. 5/25/02.