Archive #8

Juliana Archives.

Chocolate TeethJuliana's chocolate-toothed smile. 5/4/02.
CameoDad thinks this picture is a bit corny, but he has a feeling someone may like it. 5/5/02.
Skate GearJRae poses in full skate gear after her first gnarly session. 5/4/02.

Fifth Birthday Party

Juliana and AndreaJuliana and Andrea. 5/2/02.
Juliana and MomJuliana and Mom. 5/2/02.
Ola and JulianaOla and Juliana. 5/2/02.

TelephoneJuliana examines her fish tattoos while discussing her birthday with Grandma Sylvia. 4/27/02.
Her Own GirlAt age five, Juliana Rae is her own girl. 4/27/02.
DoorframeBacklit Juliana poses at the Yellow House. 4/14/02.
BackstageBackstage with the great bongo player Juliana Rae. 4/6/02.
Chocolate Breakfast. Sweet! 3/10/02.
Juliana Rae prepares to enter the dive chamber. 3/2/02.
Mira and Juliana pose with the sea lions. Really. 3/2/02.
Eating a couple of mangos always makes Juliana happy. 2/18/02.