Archive #9

Juliana Archives.

Okay, kids, got your seat belts on? 2/9/02.
Juliana has a nice smile. I have no idea why she is holding a toothpick. Maybe it isn't a toothpick. 2/3/02.
Juliana hams it up in the garden at the beginning of an eventful day. 1/27/02.

Cafe Studies

Cafe. Yeah? Photo by Mira Svatovic. 1/13/02.
Juliana loves Mira, and hams it up for her. Photo by Mira Svatovic. 1/13/02.

The beginning of a calendar. 1/6/02.
Hanukkah 2001. 12/11/01.
Juliana Rae relaxes with the limo. 12/9/01.
Best Friends, Cake on Faces. Any questions? 11/18/01.
Juliana as Eloise. The pink ribbon in the hair is all the clue you need. 10/7/01.
The family portrait for the 2001-02 school year. 9/19/01.
This photo looks like it should be called The Popsicle Twins Escape From the Pattern Police. Actually, though, it's just Valentine and Juliana enjoying popsicles that Valentine's Mom (aka Marian) bought for them. The occasion was the public screening of Valentine's animated film! It was a successful and happy event for all. 8/5/01.