More Art

More Artwork by Juliana Rae

Black VelmaBlack Velma, ballpoint pens and felt markers on looseleaf paper, 2/15/03? Juliana amazed us all with this very detailed rendition of a Velma of color. Note the pleats in her skirt and the ribbing of the collar of her turtleneck.
Balloon DayBalloon Day, rubber stamps and glitter gel pens on sketch paper, 1/5/03. Juliana busied herself with this creation while Dad ate breakfast. On Balloon Day, Piglet, Pooh, Tigger and the parade of Stegosauruses all carry balloons under a metallic green sky. Regrettably, the metallic contents of the gel pens do not reproduce well here.
Crossword TestCrossword Test, pencil on crossword puzzle, 1/5/03. JRae has incorporated crossword puzzles into the Velma and Shaggy game. On this occasion, the puzzle is a test that Velma and Shaggy are taking. This, obviously, is Velma's test. The fish in the upper right margins are sticking their tongues out and saying “thbbbbt” because they think some of the questions are dumb. There are a number of crossed out Velmas representing her moods during the test—sad and crying, worried (“uh-oh”), unhappy, and finally, the happy Velma, not crossed out, who has completed her test. True Julianaphiles will enjoy examining the puzzle without further clues from the webmaster.
Alien FamilyAlien Family, markers on sketch paper, 12/20/02? The alien parents (Dad on the left, Mom on the right) are protecting their child, who lies in her crib.
T. Rex, Pooh and PigletT. Rex, Pooh and Piglet, rubber stamps and glitter gel pens on sketch paper, 12/7/02. Under the noonday sun, Pooh and Piglet come face to face with a fierce T. Rex. Pooh stops and stares, but Piglet runs as fast as he can.
Cat FaceCat Face, watercolors on printer paper, 12/3/02. Juliana made this painting of a cat's face for Dad for a Hanukkah present.
The Hundred Acre WoodThe Hundred Acre Wood, pencil and crayons on printer paper, 11/10/02. Left to right, top row: Kanga, Christopher Robin. Bottom row: Rabbit, Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Tigger.
Juliana, Dad and SylvesterJuliana, Dad and Sylvester, Photoshop, 11/9/02. Dad and Juliana on Strawberry Hill with their balloons. The rock to the left is Sylvester the Donkey.
Cat and RatCat and Rat, Photoshop, 11/9/02. The rat is wisely walking away from the cat, looking over his shoulder.
Happy Birthday DadHappy Birthday Dad, Photoshop, 11/5/02. Dad is looking very much like Piglet on his birthday, including his choice of clothing. Evidently Juliana thinks Dad would look good in a bow tie.
Illustrated CrosswordIllustrated Crossword, crayons and No. 2 pencil on crossword puzzle (printer paper), 10/27/02. Juliana resumed work on a crossword puzzle she started some time ago. After filling in the alphabet on the bottom row (the K is in a black square, because Juliana thinks it is a good idea to use the black squares as well as the white ones), she decided to illustrate the puzzle. Dad particularly likes her solution for six down, which she has filled in next to the clue instead of in the puzzle boxes. On the right side, the brown animal is a reindeer. Because of its red nose, we may suspect it is named Rudolph. Next to the clue for 113 down, there is a tiny orange fish which has thrust out its gigantic red tongue to catch a blue fly. Next to the fly, Juliana was proud to point out a “baby u”. Lower case letters are a new learning adventure for her and she is excited.
Juliana and MomJuliana and Mom, crayons on printer paper, 10/20/02. Juliana and her Mom inside a bug ball. They are clearly enjoying this activity.
Dad and his HouseDad and his House, Photoshop, 10/20/02. It had to happen sooner or later. Juliana unleashes her creativity in Photoshop. Contact the webmaster to find out where to send the new G4. Dad, wearing a flattering bow tie, smiles greenly on the left. The sun shines, quite literally overhead. The house is looking pretty good. The dubious vegetation on the right will be forgiven because of the sweet dedication, upper right.
A Very Funny PictureA Very Funny Picture, markers on printer paper, 10/5/02. Juliana says this is a very funny picture. Dad had to have it explained to him. Here is the explanation as best he can remember: The guy on the right has two (pink) fish. The fish have fans, and he has a big (blue-green) fan on his head. The (purple) decorations on his dress match his eyes. They guy on the left is jumping up on a ball to see. He is laughing.