The sound crew captures a fragment of Pop Goes The Weasel. Thanks to Kristoffer Larson for his wizardry in cleaning up this sound file! (6/3/00)

With all the excitement of Juliana having her birthday, and it being Panda's birthday again, JRae decides it may as well be Dad's birthday too. She sings Happy Birthday to Daddy, with feeling. (4/29/00)

Juegos and his downed knife have been remixed for your enhanced listening pleasure. “Juegos put his downed knife and his fork too, but also he didn't put his knifes and his forks down (mystery words here, with vibrato.)” (3/25/00)

Pikachu and Sandshrew's fish is named Rainbow, because he is rainbowy. “He was rainbowy all the time. He didn't know what to do. He did juggle all the do. It's he did the (?) do. (mystery words here.)” (3/25/00)

Juliana sings her ABC's. (2/1/00)

Juliana recites a poem. She actually demanded the microphone, claiming that she had “something to tell it”, and insisted on recording two takes. Since she seemed satisfied with the second one, it is presented here. 1/9/00.

If you need a transcription...

I saw a little birdie go hop, hop, hop
I said to (the) little birdie “stop, stop, stop.”
I opened the window and said “how do you do?”
And he shook his little feathers and away he flew.

Back by popular demand! Juliana Rae's stirring finale of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. (6/5/99)