More New Pictures

Not so new pictures.

Snagglepuss #1Showing off some snaggly teeth. 10/16/04.
InnocentAn innocent look. 10/16/04.
G, J & S 2004The annual visit of Grandpa George and Grandma Sylvia. Compare to February 2003. 10/16/04.
Punk WizardThe punk rock school of Wizardry. 10/16/04.
Plus Coil, Minus ToothJuliana shows off her new coil and the Gap where her tooth was. 9/12/04.
SummertimeThe fish are jumping, and the cotton is high. 8/15/04.
Hula GirlJuliana Rae busts a hula move. 8/15/04.
Annie's VisitAnnie has known Juliana since Day One. 8/1/04.
Comet 7Juliana/Hermione and her Comet 7 broomstick, which she made herself. She uses it for all her Quidditch matches. 8/1/04.
Juliana and the Koosh DogJRae with the koosh dog she got as a party favor at Sarah's birthday party. 8/1/04.
Re-RamonesBand that Juliana most dresses and poses like a member of: once again, The Ramones. 7/18/04.
A SmirkJRae curls her lip. 7/18/04.
Juliana holding 6 macawsJuliana Rae looks pretty tickled to be holding 6 macaws. Maui, Hawaii. 7/9/04?
JRae hugs a macawThis macaw is an especially good friend. Maui, Hawaii. 7/9/04?