Archive #2

Juliana Archives.

SueDon't let the size fool you. It's the littlest one you have to watch out for. JRae, SA and Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago. Photo by Mike. 7/29/03?
A Familiar LookAn impudent look from Juliana, I mean Henry. 7/26/03.
Lemonade, Crunchy Ice!Lemonade, Crunchy Ice! Juliana and her Mom play a clapping game. 7/15/03.
Mom and DadJuliana took this picture of Mom and Dad. 7/15/03.
GlitterJuliana gets a treat from Mom after her gymnastics performance. 7/18/03.
Sarah!Juliana and Sarah. 7/13/03.
Edgar & Mary's 3rd Birthday PartyJuliana and Edgar at Edgar and Mary's 3rd Birthday Party. 7/1/03.
PixieJuliana approves of this camera phone. 6/24/03.
Big SturgeonThe sturgeon is camera shy, but Juliana Rae is not. 6/22/03.
Monkey 11, Juliana 6Juliana (6) and Monkey (11), friends forever. 6/15/03.
Spring GardenJuliana, Piglet and Pooh send their greetings from the garden. Pooh is balancing a Reese's Cup on his head. 6/8/03.
GraduatesThe kindergarten graduates prepare to receive their diplomas. Front row, L to R: Mmezi, Oona, Juliana, Clover, Mina, Preston, Maxine. Back row, Noah, Sam, Sammy, Gabi, Marina, Roei, Aria. Clover is wearing Juliana's shoes and socks. 6/1/03.
ConjureJuliana and Clover make a gris-gris. Clover stands by with the next ingredient, a single jingle sock. These socks come from a powerful voodoo practitioner in New Orleans and can only be handled by experienced initiates. 6/1/03.
Thumbs upJuliana gives the new garden the thumbs-up. 5/27/03.
Dance RecitalRowen and Juliana before the dance recital. Photo by SA. 5/18/03.
MexicoRowen and Juliana after the dance recital. 5/18/03.