Archive #4

Juliana Archives.

FamilyL to R: Grandpa George, Grandma Sylvia, Mira, Juliana, Dad, Mom. Photo by Mike. 2/25/03.
Studio 3Grandpa George and Grandma Sylvia visit. 2/23/03.
Peace VictoriousPeace, Victorious. 2/16/03.
EasyHey, this marching stuff isn't so bad. My feet don't hurt at all! 2/16/03.
FortuneJuliana Rae and Fortune. 2/1/03.
TweetyJuliana Rae and Tweety. 1/25/03.
Big GirlJuliana Rae looking very mature. 1/5/03.
Little GirlJRae looking like a little girl, which in fact she is. 1/5/03.
Happy KittyJuliana Rae agrees to pose for a picture with Hello Kitty. 12/21/02.
Tree 2002Juliana poses with this year's Christmas tree. She is holding Velma's clue notebook. 12/14/02.
Fifth NightJuliana Rae lights the Hanukkah candles on the fifth night as Mike and Janet look on. 12/3/02.
DoodlebugJuliana says hello to a doodlebug. 11/23/02.
Family '02A nearly complete family composite. The newest family member, Tony the Fish, was not ready for his close-up. 9/10, 10/11 and 11/23/02.
Mina and JulianaMina and Juliana at the slides. 11/17/02.
Four GirlsJuliana, Abby, Maxine and Mina are not ready to go home. 11/17/02.