Candid Shots

May-July 2004

Oregon 2004

These shots courtesy of Uncle Steven, thank you!

Summer VacationOn the deck. 7/2/04.
PortraitPortrait. 7/2/04.
Juliana and OliviaWith Olivia. 7/2/04.
RastaThe water was so cold that Dad's feet were numb after 30 seconds. Juliana didn't care. 7/2/04.
Wave RunnerShe likes the beach. 7/2/04.

A Neopet and a New ShirtJuliana, in new shirt and jeans, poses happily with Cutie the Neopet. 6/20/04.
Clover, Juliana and SueClover and Juliana bid their beloved teacher Sue farewell for the summer. 6/9/04.
Super HerosJuliana and Clover, Super Heros! Mina in the background. 6/9/04.
Beach TriptychMaxine, Juliana and Clover form a triptych at the last-day-of-school picnic. 6/9/04.
BarcelonaJuliana proudly models her new Barcelona soccer uniform, a gift from Lazar. 6/1/04.
The New Academy of SciencesJRae poses outside the new home of the Academy of Sciences. 5/31/04.
Runway ModelJuliana models sneakers, jeans and a tee shirt. 5/16/04.
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