Candid Shots #2

February-May 2004

Juliana's Seventh Birthday

Magic AlMagic Al's performance dazzles the eyes of the audience. Left, top, unknown. Left, bottom, Austin. Left, center, Rachel. Then L to R, Rowen, Juliana and Clover. 5/1/04.
WizardsThe magic continues as Tamar, Rowen's sister, magically appears in front of Clover and Juliana as they are about to be photographed in their wizard hats. 5/1/04.
CandlesJRae with hat and wand prepares to blow out the candles. 5/1/04.
Dancer at RestJuliana poses during intermission at her dance recital, dressed for her performance of Upside Down. 5/2/04.
ProgramJRae holds up the program for the recital. 5/2/04.
High-topsJuliana Rae tries on her new Chuck Taylors. 5/4/04.

Playground RevisitedPhonecam pic at a playground from the old days. That's Gelato on her chin. 4/24/04.
Juliana is DrivingJuliana takes Mom for a drive at Autopia, Disneyland. 4/15/04.
Spring has sprungSpring has sprung in the garden. 4/13/04.
A LookThis pic was used as the basis for Dad's rendition of Juliana as Harry Potter, deemed incomplete by Juliana until she added the scar herself. Inspired, JRae went on to make a rendition of herself as a penguin. 4/13/04.
beautifulmutantsSomehow this picture was not posted earlier. Mark M., Valentine and Juliana. Photo by V. Vale, used by permission. 1/10/04.
Juliana says it's cooJuliana approves. 3/28/04.
Juliana and Billy, candidlyA truly candid shot of Juliana with her baby brother Billy. 2/21/04.
GothicThose ICEE® blue lips give Juliana a Gothic look. 2/8/04.
JumpJRae wanted to have a picture of her jumping. Here it is. 2/8/04.
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