Candid Shots #3

November 2003-January 2004

Playing CatchJuliana at the bike-riding, hoop-shooting, catch-playing, catch-all playground. 1/31/04.
HermioneHermione poses. See her Gryffindor badge. 1/25/04.
Ghoul?A ghoulish apparition. 1/20/04.
CrosswordJuliana Rae works a Sunday NY Times crossword. 1/11/04.
Young Gallery-goersValentine and Juliana at a certain art show. If you don't believe in evolution, see this. 1/10/04.
Juliana and EdgarMarlene, Juliana's beloved childcare teacher, requested a picture of Edgar. Here it is. Photo by SA, November 2003.
Posing with the new bicycleJuliana squints into the sun in a well-mined theme, the new bicycle for Christmas. 1/3/04.
EZ RyderThere is no cliché too tired for Dad to exploit. 1/3/04.
Hanukkah 2003Hanukkah can be an eye-opening experience. 12/22/03.
Season's GreetingsDad and J wish you the best this holiday season and in the New Year. (It looks like a composite but isn't.) 12/21/03.
Food ChainThe T. Rex on the t-shirt (a Hanukkah gift from Michael Hogan, from the Museum of Natural History) looks like he wants to chow down on Pigglestein (Hanukkah gift from Dad.) But Juliana Rae looks like she is ready to eat them both, and the photographer to boot. Luckily she was convinced to eat a quarter-pound of Ossau-Iraty instead. 12/21/03.
Two Blue Chicks“They're from Walgreen's. The whole story is, I had one chick, and I left it at childcare, so I went back to Walgreen's and got another one. Then Gaby found the first chick, so now I have two.” 12/20/03.
Christmas Tree '03The annual picture in front of the Christmas Tree. 12/20/03.
Rock StarJuliana arrives, rock star style, at the Academy of Sciences. 12/6/03.
Pink and TanJuliana and Rowan at Rowan's house. 11/29/03.
Shaka, brahShaka, brah. Juliana hangs ten while helping to clean her teacher's desk. 11/15/03.
Don't LaughDad got in trouble for making Juliana laugh when she didn't want to. 11/15/03.
2003 School PictureThe official School Picture for 2003/2004. October '03.
Juliana and CloverJuliana points out something on the horizon. Clover is right there with her. 11/8/03.
Nice outfitDad felt this look must be recorded for posterity. 11/10/03.

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