Candid Shots #4

August-October 2003

Gigi and KikiGigi and Kiki's All Hallows Eve. 10/31/03.
Juliana JumpropingJuliana jumproping. 10/28/03.
Pete, Juliana, SusanPete, Juliana and Susan at Schloß Biblioblick. 10/26/03.
ArnoldJuliana likes to wear a rugby shirt and call herself Arnold. 10/19/03.

School Walk-a-thon Fundraiser

A Determined FundraiserA Determined Fundraiser. 10/12/03.
Juliana and Clover compare lap cards.Juliana and Clover compare lap cards. 10/12/03.
15 LapsJuliana proudly displays her lap card. 10/12/03.

Clover and JulianaClover and Juliana. 9/20/03.
Team PhotoThe Wildcats. 9/20/03.
Sushi then ice creamAfter a dinner of miso soup and California roll, the best dessert is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 9/16/03.
Skeleton earsJamie magically pulls a chocolate skeleton out of Juliana's ear. 9/13/03.
Back to School NightClover gives Juliana a piggyback ride on Back to School Night. 9/9/03.
Paper Apple in the WeedsJuliana displays the paper apple she is crossbreeding with some weeds. 9/7/03.
Big HeadsJuliana gives Dad a big hug, making him very happy. 9/2/03.
Trellis BeeSaturday morning in the gazebo. 8/31/03.
Ticklish?Jamie and JRae. 8/23/03.
Catnip BubblesJamie brought Catnip Bubbles for Juliana and Monkey. Monkey didn't care much, but Juliana enjoyed them. 8/23/03.
HenryVelma's glasses fit Henry perfectly. 8/16/03.
Looks like?Juliana shows her self-portrait. 8/12/03.

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