New Pictures

The newest pictures of Juliana.

Camo GirlI doubt you will be able to see Juliana at all in this picture, as she is completely camouflaged. 1/15/06.
Coast 2 CoastJuliana with her new sk8board. 11/19/05.
Cap'n Haddock and ZeroCaptain Haddock (from Tintin) and Zero (from Holes, a great book by Louis Sachar.) 10/31/05.
Halloween 2005Rowen, Tamar, Sarah and Juliana, Halloween. 10/31/05.

ScooteringMom made Juliana's day by giving her this scooter for her eighth birthday, and the Flame Converse from Dad just happen to be great scootering shoes, according to J. 5/7/05.
Unfortunate EventsThe theme of this year's birthday party was A Series of Unfortunate Events, with face painting and storytelling by Violet. A key to the characters is provided for your convenience. 5/1/05.
Party GirlsThe first arrivals at Juliana's party whoop it up in advance of Violet's arrival. Another key for your convenience. 5/1/05.
WildcatsJuliana's soccer team, the Wildcats, and yes, there is a key. 4/30/05.
Mug ShotThis picture looked like a mug shot, so... 4/14/05.
Giraffe JacketClothes as cool as this giraffe-pattern jacket could only come from Andrea. 1/16/05.
HattenAnyone remember Hatten? Warning! Hatten is an externally linked Flash movie, requires Shockwave Flash, may require some time to load. May be loud. May be obnoxious. Thanks to Aunt Susan for discovering Hatten. 1/14/05.

Birth of Venus, Jr.She's growing up. Compare to three years ago, on 1/13/02. 1/1/05.
'Sup, homes?J recycles an old cap and old toy into a contemporary urban look. New Year's Eve, 12/31/04.
Snagglepuss #2Good one, M8! Snagglier than ever. 12/5/04.
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